The Independent Riot

Truth-seeking and Anarchy (Documentarian James Corbett Interview)

January 23, 2022 James Corbett Season 1 Episode 18
The Independent Riot
Truth-seeking and Anarchy (Documentarian James Corbett Interview)
Show Notes

Who are the bad guys, and what the hell do they want!?!?

  On today's show Jim welcomes the man, the myth, the legend himself, James Corbett, to give a quick overview of his basic worldview, and clarify his beliefs on if there are any nefarious people out in the world actually conspiring to harm you.... (spoiler alert, the answer is "yes!")

(Interview Starts at 4:38)

James Corbett could easily be considered the god-father of alternative theories to world history and geo-politics on the internet. Since 2007, James generated over 90 million views of his superbly high-quality full-length documentaries on subjects like 9/11, the creation of the Federal Reserve, Big Oil's impact on the world, and the true cause of World War I, prior to getting a lifetime ban from youtube in 2020 for being "too dangerous" of a speaker.

Given his courage to push the envelope, yet strong adherence to fact-based standards and thinking, James is the perfect person to help us wade into the deeper waters of what might truly be happening in the modern world.  Jim and James get into many fascinating topics, such as:

--whether the pandemic was planned or not

--the difference between real conspiracies vs the overly-simplified cartoon version ones.

--the history of media and propaganda

--a crash course in the political philosophy of "anarchism" and what it really means

--and if American democracy is more likely to die by an all-powerful left-leaning technocratic government bureaucracy, or a right-leaning populist-authoritarian dictator

Check out the interview, then go straight over to to gorge on hours of well-thought-out alternative explanations of a world which you thought you knew, but were only ever really scratching the surface of.

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